Okay, so way back when I posted about our British Consul General sponsored event we were invited to. Remember? Come on folk……….Equus # 15 (11.24.08) Pay attention people, come on!  :-). Anyway, that evening I was approached about taking part in a fashion show called Dressed To Kilt.  I knew what it was, had heard of it, and thought it would be fun. You know how it goes:

DTK: “We’d love for you to be involved.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AO: “Sounds great, let me know when it is and we can make it happen.”

Then you never hear back from anyone LMAO………However in this case I did hear back and after a few emails, calls and casting issues back & forth we got it all together. Tyrone, Collin and I were able to do it and all I can say is WOWITWASCRAZYFUNANDKILTSARECOMFY!!!!!!!!!! For real. Okay a few things: Was happy my kilt stayed down, but I didn’t go commando so it was still all good, “Disturbia” was our pre-show song therefore it was a fitting choice for us ex-Horses to use, boy oh boy do the Scots know how to pah-tay and Sir Sean Connery himself  requested to met us and gave us props as only he could!!!!! Special thanks to Geoffrey Carroll and Betsey Heckert for making it all possible. So without any further ado……..

Dressed To Kilt

Now I really am expecting comments on this one 🙂