Well, yea it has been a while, huh? Yes it has. Time just gets away from you if you’re not careful and it seems as if I was quite careless :-). In any case let’s see: The President is trying to save our economy, I did a voiceover for a new MTV reality show on the rapper/mc TI, it seems as if the weather is finally starting to get warm, Facebook has changed their layout again and people are losing their minds about it lol, stocks are down, A-Rod got caught for his steroid use a few years ago, Montreal has invited me to their main dance event as a judge & instructor again, saw Watchmen (kinda lol) and the new McDonald’s Filet O Fish commercial is the silliest, funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

So…… let’s talk about the MTV thing for a super hot second: funny thing hearing your voice played back in your ear, ya know? The show chronicles TI’s desire/plan to intervene in the lives of “troubled” youth prior to his sentencing on gun charges. Stop laughing, the show seems to be a different kind of experience because some of the youth really are “troubled”. Really. I used the ”  ” because when you’re a gun fanatic who has already shot a few folk and had the favor returned in kind I’d call that troubled. Or if you have been in juvenile detention so many times you’re about to be sent to a REAL prison at 18…..yea I’d call that troubled. Anyways, I think it’s better than most of those type of shows. Okay back to the crux of it………it was the 2nd best gig ever ( now ya know which gig was the best, right? LOL). You walk in, get the script, prepare the vocal cords with a rigorous set of yodels, screams, and warm libations and then (drum roll) READ! Then read again, and again, until ya get it right. Gotta love it. 

There is a place up North I like to call Montreal: actually everybody calls it that :-); and it is beautiful. Bee u tee Full. Just in case you haven’t been I highly recommend it,  from my 1st trip there I felt it was a special place. So it is always great to head back, and see the city, old friends and eat as much as I can. They have a huge dance event called Bust A Move (BAM) that has workshops on various styles, and a HIGHLY competitive contest that has people from all over the world. So once again Spicy A has extended an invitation to take part in the festivities and after 2 seconds of thought I agreed LOL. More to come on that after the event…….yea yea yea I’ll post pictures.

Alors, that’s about it for now. Some folk were talking about Lorenzo’s show Humor Abuse. Well stop talking, and go see it. The reviews came in and were raves, raves I tell ya. Personally I called it WAY before the “critics” did. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got their intial inspiration from my reviews. COPYCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So all is well y’all and spring is in the air. YES!!!!!!!!