Whew! This past week was crazy! Lots of things, lots of things y’all. Wednesday evening around 6:20 (after Broadway Cares rehearsal, more on that later…) I get a call informing me Precious Nugget would NOT be doing the evening performance and I would be. Yup. Me. Correct. Moi? C’est vrai. So, here we go…..lol. Funny thing though; I felt pretty calm; actually I thought some of the staff was more excited/nervous/worried than I was. :-). However, there were a few things that were different: certain wardrobe items lol, entering from a different stall, trying to figure out when to go take the bow and trying really really hard not to trip, actually sharing the hallowed dressing room of Precious Nugget, and running around the stage with Daniel on my neck FOR REAL!! The inner monologue at that point went something like this: “You Better Not Drop Him” :-). All in all it was an incredibly magical, unforgettable night. Felt good to get to do it. Yup. Strange hearing your own voice at first though…..Have to give a super Horse sized thanks to everyone in the cast!!!! Daniel in particular. He Β made it just like any other night, and was so so so giving. Can’t say enough about how he works, prepares, and gives EVERY DAMN night. Plus, he almost pushed me off my feet with that damn brush, lol. The support, kind words, cards, jokes and concern really meant a lot. Thanks again. Also, Gumby went on that night as he did all weekend. Gooooo Team!

Now I would be remiss in my duties if I also didn’t mention Amanda. Okay , there I just did. LOL. Cue drum roll!!! No but seriously. Amanda Quaid went on Saturday as Jill Mason. Yes she did, and she was fantastic! Sick. Hot. Wicked. Dope. Amazing. Fresh. Awesome. Damn girl, what you trying to do? Or as the grown folk say: You betta act, girl!” :-)It was interesting though, after getting accustomed to certain beats, intonations, etc now we had some new elements to hear and see. So if anyone came Wednesday Eve or Saturday Afternoon/Eve they saw 2 Broadway debuts, and probably couldn’t even tell. That’s how it should be too, right? Riiiiiight. NYC private schools!!!! Once again, I can’t say enough how well she did, and how supportive the Equus family was to the both of us. Gooooo Team!

Now, I’ve been talking about our frenetic fundraising for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids. Well…..once again Equus rocks! We have broken the record for a non-musical/straight play! No jokes please. Thank you. Now where were we? Yes, we did it. The audiences seem to be recession proof. Like the other night: $4,000 for jeans, $1,000 for signed Equus t-shirt. It has been crazy, that’s all I can say. So our next step is the Gypsy of the Year performance. Our little number should raise some eyebrows and we plan to win! I mean if you’re in it, then you need to win it right? Riiiiiight. One thing I WON’T miss though: Brian (Poster Man) Rardin always having to tell me: “Adesola there are posters, playbills, scripts, leases, credit card applications, power of attorney forms and anything else to sign downstairs”. Come on Brian, you know how we don’t like putting our names to paper! LMAO. Β Lynnie has the best parties. All in all an interesting, exciting, record breaking week. Change isΒ good. Gooooo Team!!